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Arte por la Vida - Esperanza para Nuestros Niños

Art for Life - Hope for Our Childern

The Office of Latino Services Program

The purpose of the Office of Latino Services of Whitman-Walker Clinic, is to ensure that those in need of HiV and AIDS services in the Latino community have access to all the services provided by the Clinic. Moreover, it is our commitment to be a link between the Latino community and the Clinic. In addition, the Office of Latino Services participates in the planning and implementation of of all existing programs and activities at the Clinic, with the goal of delivering services to the Latino community and establishing a bilingual advocacy vehicle.

PAHO Mission Statement

The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), an international public health agency founded in 1902, strives to fight disease, prolong life, and improve living standards in the Americas, working both with its 35 member Governments and at the community level to promote and protect health.
Through PAHO's Regional Program on AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases, the Organization helps countries to combat the spread of AIDS by providing support for local programs on prevention and education, and promoting multisectoral cooperation.
The program also promotes activities such as AIDS education, support to social communication initiatives, access to information, strengthening of community based groups and other nongovernmental organizations, multisectoral approaches, development of a gender-based perspective, and financing of AIDS prevention programs.
In its conviction that grass-roots awareness and commitment are powerful catalysts for change, the Pan American Health Organization proudly joins forces with Whitman-Waker Clinic to sponsor "Art for Life-Hope for Our Children."

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