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HIV/AIDS in the Hispanic/Latino Community

 The demographics...
There are 606,900 residents in the District of Columbia. According to the 1990 US Census data, Hispanics/Latinos were accounted for 5% of the population in the District of Columbia. Because of the immigration status many Hispanics/Latinos living in the District are not reported.
 The Impact...
Unprotected sex among men who have sex with men (51%), and sharing used needles among injected drug users (31%) is the most frequent ways people become infected with HIV. The rate of infection among heterosexuals is rapidly increasing (9% men-41% women.)

Up to 1986, Hispanics were 2% of the population affected in August 1997 they were 3% of the new AIDS cases. The Educational efforts have been an important tool to keep these numbers low. There are still HIV Hispanics positive men and women who do not have access to health care, and are not obtaining services.

After 1993 there was a decrease of new AIDS cases among men who have sex with men. New medications, such as Protease Inhibitors, may have produced the decrease in the numbers, but AIDS is not over.
 The effort...
In 1997, Whitman-Walker Clinic and the Office of Latino Services:

Service units delivered in conjunction with other departments:
  Addiction Services
Medical Clinic
Dental Clinic
Foodbank Services
Mental Health Services
Nutritional Services
Pharmacy Services
Rehabilitation Services
Transportation Services
Total Latinos who received HIV Counseling and Testing including VD Clinic.

 Other efforts:
Made 11,400 outreach contacts in various Hispanic/Latino Communities;
Provided care to 1 of every 4 Latinos living with AIDS in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, and provided mental health services to those infected with and affected by HIV and AIDS.

For more information: 202-328-0697 or email to: GYGES69@AOL.COM

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